Steve Metz is truly an expert in his field for which there is not a single problem he cannot solve. I have had to deal with mold issues on several occasions in my rental units thanks to Steve the problems have always been resolved efficiently and effectively. I would strongly recommend that you contact Steve for any kind of mold testing needs as he is what I like to refer to as "value-for-money" as he is honest, trustworthy, dependable and reasonably priced for the value-added services he provides.
Feb 23, 2009
All the best,
Ivan C.
The Villages, Fl.

Great company! I had mold testing done by them, great work, very clean & organized, I would recommend Florida Mold Testing to any body I know that has a mold issue.
April 04, 2013
Best of luck,
Robin S.
Ocala FL.

I had so much trouble finding a company that was not trying to scare me. By the time I spoke with Steve Metz, he took so much time to explain everything to me and calm me down. He made me realize that he was not trying to scare me. He made me realize it was not going to be so bad. When Steve came out, he was informative and helpful. What could have been a terrible experience really turned out ok thanks to Florida Mold Testing.
Mrs. C. Martin,
Aug 13, 2012
Ocala FL.

Florida mold testing was prompt thorough and professional when it came to inspecting our home. We knew we had a problem because shortly after moving into our home both myself and our children started to experience unexplained respiratory problems. Our Doctor suggested we have an inspected for mold. Steve Metz was able to assist us in identifying where the mold was and more importantly directing us on the proper way to remediate."
May 15, 2010
B Kemper
Belleview FL.

Florida Mold Testing come out and inspected our home. We had no idea that the cause of our water problem was due to poor gutters and down spouts. In addition, they pointed out to us that our sprinkler heads were too close to the foundation of our home and that when the sprinklers water the grass it also caused excessive water too seep in around the foundation. Once we fixed the gutters, extended the down spouts and move the sprinkler heads away from the foundation, the water problem was solved."
June 2011
P Akers
Summerfield Fl.

"I was so impressed with the inspection plan Florida Mold Testing followed when inspecting our new home purchase. They were extremely thorough. They looked for mold in places that I would never have thought to look. I was provided with a comprehensive detailed report which included pictures of the affected areas, lab results and a observation and recommendation summary of suggested next steps. "
Don C.
Palm Beach FL.